May Showers….


weatherUpdate: I must admit…. I do love the spring time…. the may showers… the thunderstorms…. I am writing this while listening to the rain on the roof as the thunder rumbles, vibrating everything ever so slightly. Just a little while ago Kristy and I took the dogs outside. The storm was where you see it in the radar snap at the left. A crackle of thunder rumbled about 5 miles in the distance which echoed overhead and miles past. The rumble was hardly audible but the dogs notice… Zadie cowered and ran to the length of her leash. Nearly nothing can mimick the level of awe-inspiring power behind these storms. These rumbles rival the rumbles of mordor 🙂
Just a breif post…. Right before quitting time at work one hell of a storm rolled in…. It kinda petered-out quickly but it made for some interesting pics… At first the cloud was nearly blackish-purple then it lightened into shades of grey… There was alot of wind activitiy which created some pretty fascinating (and scary) swirls in the clouds…. I actually wrapped up the foto shoot when I noticed what seemed to be some verticle spiral activity… check em out…

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