23 miles under the belt and none the wiser….

Night-timeThe canoe trip to Blackwater River went off without a hitch.. It was fun in the sun for all. As stated previously, we took the (long ass) 23 mile canoe/camping trip. The water levels were a little lower than I had anticipated but it was all good. We had an average height of about 3-3.5 feet with a relatively slow current. The biggest downside to the trip (outside of sand in the ass while (attempting) sleeping) was the debris in the river as there was a sizable number of downed trees and stumps in the water. There were actually even a couple of trees that spanned the entire width of the river complicating passage at times but when walking away from a trip with no snakes spotted and no canoes having tipped, by default, one must consider it a good trip.

We were fortunate on all fronts, weather included. Although the days were hot were graced with cool breezes and a cool night for camping. The sky was pristine and clear leaving the group with a lightshow in the stars beyond compare. There were lots of drank beers and possibly a few lies told amongst friends under the stars (and over the phone waves – sorry Green) while spending our time on the river. The dogs of course enjoyed their second outing with us; which allowed them countless hours of frolicking in the mud and sand….what dogs wouldn’t love it? Well… what’s left to say that this and the pictures haven’t? Not too much… just that, well I am ready for a vacation from my vacation… I need to book an AIRCONDITIONED room at the beach!

The Rest of the Trip!

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