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Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day fools.

As I sit here, waiting for the wifey to finish her ‘getting ready’ ritual I thought I would piece together some stuff I have written on the previous couple days in a random text document – my scratch doc that’s always open taking in my rants – and give you a piece of em’ in case you were wondering where your entertainment hours should be spent over this holiday. Before we begin, I hope you all get fat as hell today (that’s my goal) and have a great (and FREEGIN’ safe) holiday! And, if you are looking for a 360, head to Amazon at 1pm central… they will have 1000 units on sale for 100 a pop… I will be there trying to fight for mine – note: if you win and I don’t, it would be the proper thing to do to sell yours to me for 75 (the discount is because I was nice enough to tell you about it in the first place. I know this puts you at a loss, but it’s the holidays and you love me oh so much. 🙂 )

Happy Feet…. Yes, Happy Feet. If you don’t know what it is, check it out. If you do, you are possibly wondering why the hell I am talking about it. Well, because it is quite possibly the best of that type of movie that I have seen in a long time. Of course, I was dragged there by the misses-folk, against my will; but with that said, I wasn’t let down. The movie was better than any of anticipated.

Visually, this was one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. The detail was awe-inspiring. I seriously mean it, I don’t think that a prettier 3d-animated movie has been made, to date. The physics at work in their world was so realistic it wasn’t even funny. The dynamics of the entire environment was just as natural (to the degree of looking more natural than nature). The perspectives used in the movie also greatly contributed to all of this. There is one (long) scene in particular that deserves special attention here, the main character (yes, the one with happy feet) along with his newly found little penguin friends – a different species of bird (the lead of which was voiced by Robin Williams), belly slide down a glacier.

OMG… OMFG… this is one of those scenes that if you get motion sickness (even not so easily) you may find yourself woozy in the end… I, personally, felt as if I was on a roller coaster – I sat there with the grin of a 5-year old on Christmas morning… breath-taking. Needless to say, this kids movie has my seal of approval. Check it out if you are fan of 3d animation. The technologies employed here are groundbreaking, and bound to be seen again.Also, in an unrelated review…If you haven’t checked out the handsome boy modeling (because you have been under a rock like I obviously have been – came out in 1994) school you might at least want to give the track listing a glance – more specifically who is on the track. This is an eclectic unleash of creative talent not to mention the collaborations, OMFG (Yes, F…. MF’n even. OMMFG. ).

Jack Johnson ( not exactly a collaboration – a remix, but I will take any ‘new’ Jack), Chino from the Deftones, Pharrell Williams, Mike Shinoda, Mike Patton, and many more. This album feels like you are listening to an ear-movie*. I will keep it short seeing that it is now 2 years old J Thanks for nothing, since no one told me. But seriously, its fantastic, I hate they called it quits… I wish I would have known earlier.

*I would like to officially stake claim to the millions to be generated from this. So… get to work, I want my money beotches.…

End of the honeymoon…

night shotWell, I am writing out of a realized shortcoming. A dream now shattered and brought to reality. Okay, so I have a tendency towards melodrama and it is not the monumental deconstruction of a heart-felt hope as I have implied but this realization did blow never the less. As I have posted, I recently purchased a new digital camera; a canon S3 IS. Before, I owned a Kodak DX7630 – a very nice camera in its own right. Last night (Friday) as heading to a friends for drinks and a few games of pool I snapped a couple of pictures. Take note: it is night. The night pictures that I took without a tripod, taken at random were remarkably clear; much more so than any I have taken in the same fashion with the DX. The crushing of the dream came in when I tried to plan out the shot a little more. With the DX there was a shutter speed limit of 64 seconds. This long “exposure” allowed for nearly HDR quality images when combined with a high aperture setting. The canon has a longest speed of 15 seconds. I am sure that without much explanation you can understand what this means – More washed out colors and artifacts 🙁 I am sure that I will learn to cope but it blows when you come to the relization that you have lost something that you loved and didn’t even know it until it was gone…

file under: philosophy of love – In relation to Digital Camera Function

Homecoming Weekend?

Here I sit, Sunday, the weekend nearly over. So… What did I accomplish. Little… nothing? Well, I had a good time, and I think that is all that counts.

Friday evening we got to spend some time with our friends the Shirley’s, who were down from Virginia. Little food and drink at La Parota; which was, of course, fantastic. Saturday I completed some school work in the AM (ruined my 100 average in Java due to a score of 85 on a quiz! Damn it!) then grilled out with the Hubs; of course I got a little beer drinking done in the process. Of course, we didn’t make it to the game; we are losers – and the least interested in sports people you will have ever met in your life.
So, on for today… Plans currently hold a trip to the Gump to see Borat’s new movie!!! I cannot wait! So… better go bathe if I plan on getting there any time today…

Until next time…