Wow! Freegin’ Gnarly Solar Eclipse Video as Viewed From Spacecraft

On March 12, 2007 NASA scientist calibrated observational equipment with a unique tuning technique… via solar eclipse… The tests were obviously planned well in advance (repositioning began in Dec) but never the less, this is a breathtaking and slightly, exciting, and somewhat unnerving (I suppose to a level) thing to observe.

Think about it… nearly empty space…. So much material pulled together in the void, such a massive conglomeration of gases and miscellaneous elements that gravity is established to the degree of extreme pressure and then, inevitably, combustion… then, you have the of many… but this one, our sun….. a huge, energetic ball of exploding gas…. floating… in space… really, really far off….but so enormous that it still dwarfs our moon despite its being millions and millions of miles farther away….91-95 million miles (depending on our position in our orbit traversal) farther away…. driving everything and anything that we know to ‘be’ on this planet… outside of the rocks (but them too to a degree…)….

Really, Check out the videos… the large if you have the speed… its worth it.

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