Ubuntu : Feisty Fawn x64

Liking Ubuntu. I am getting used to the interface of gnome (used KDE a good deal – don’t want to anymore; nothing against KDE, but I am getting tired of the ‘MS’ interface) and have actually grown to like it quite a bit. There are some small bugs that I need to work out yet but what does work, works better than it does in windows in ways. I am in the process of working these bugs out now and attempting to make a disk image with partimage so that I can dig in aggressively and be able to restore it if I F something up.

I screwed up and set my remaining 40gb of free HD space off of the last (third) partition I made (extended) – no now the 40gb is setting there without the ability to allocate it within the current partition layout. I am about to attempt disabling my swap drive (swapoff) – I am creating a temp swapfile to sub – then repartitioning those partitions.

But yea, liking it.  Starting to think that swapping is not only a viable option but also an attractive option as well.  Oh yea, and beryl doesn’t hurt in that department either.

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