Shiny new toy…

I am writing this post from my shiny new toy (as shown).  This beotch is bad.  Quad cores and 2.4 Ghz each, Dual Nvidia 512MB 8500GTs in SLI configuration and 2GB ram (more to come).  Obviously there is more to is than that, but those are the high points.

Now I am going through the hoops of setting up everything. I have XP installed and am working on Linux.  XP was relatively easy except the shipped driver disk for the MoBo nvidia chipset f’d up the network card (yea, an nVidia ethernet card. Go figure.), so I had to reinstall and make sure I installed the current release of the drivers – which works like a charm.  I installed Ubuntu and got all up and running, but I had some screen artifacts when using SLI so I am attempting Fedora 8 as I have read reports of ppl with my problem of having out-of-box success with Fedora and I am feeling lazy, so “out of the box” sounds right up my alley.

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