Restarting Vino-Server from CLI

As is often the case, I am posting this here just as much for myself as I am for others Googling this problem…

Sometimes Vino-Server on Ubuntu can be flaky, preventing me from logging in, even though it is showing as running. I recently stumbled onto a helpful thread at UbuntuForums that assisted me…

Using the following, you should be able to get Vino back to behaving…

you@machine-name:~$ export DISPLAY=:0.0
you@machine-name:~$ /usr/lib/vino/vino-server &

I find this particularly useful when I am able to SSH in, but can’t VNC…

Hope this helps someone!


4 thoughts on “Restarting Vino-Server from CLI

  1. jamie st.

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks this is useful.
    I have had problems using vino where I am not able to connect to only one machine on the network. It sorted itself out after a few hours but I was wondering if stopping and then restarting the vino service would help me out if perhaps the process got hung up. If so how would I go about stopping the service? is it just service vino-server stop followed by your command above to start?



    1. matt.ezell Post author

      I can’t say that I understand why this isn’t working for you. I have never had an unsecured instance running exposed and when I used this process, I was definitely accessing with a password.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that I can be much help in your plight as I have not had this issue for quite some time. Have you checked your logs for anything interesting?

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